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Does digital transformation needs a data model?

As product owner responsible for a number of development / CICD tools, I since long have a feeling that we do not leverage the data we have in all our tools and the data does not always nicely align with the digital products that my internal customers produce.

The data should be somehow be linked such that there is a better traceability, maybe some cross tool engineering rules can be established and an improved insight in the state of affairs can be reached. A long time I felt alone in this, but there seems to be organizations in the software…

A structural approach for dealing with data in many CICD tools, automation and managing consistency and more.

In a previous article I introduced the design-time configuration item (DSI) and only touched the surface of this. In this article I would like to go deeper in the what DSI entails and what it could bring.

Within CICD we use many tools and each tool can hold several pieces of data stored in various forms. Let’s call all these items artifacts for simplicity’s sake. The ultimate purpose of all these artifacts is they play a role in the creation of a digital product instance, e.g. the production instance of an application, the instance that is offered to the user/customer…

Chances that all elements of a digital product are designed by a single team are probably slim. You better know your product composition at design time and understand the related producer/consumer relations to be in control of your product and manage your value streams.

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In a previous article, I recognized the need for a sound data model to manage your digital products. In this article, design-time configuration management is proposed as a starting point for such a model and, arguments are given for this choice.

With a background in hardware and manufacturing, I always have been amazed by the difference in handling design data between hardware and software. With hardware, there is a clear need to have a detailed understanding, since you have to order parts to keep your factory going. These parts have to be ordered in time and elaborate systems are used…

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